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Self Learning Educational Services.

Welcome to our Managing Director / Company Profile.

EduExcell Educational Services is a dynamic independent Start-Up. Our mission is to become a pioneer in Educational Product Development Company. To design, develop & publish such a product which will help to grow conceptual knowledge, analytical ability, and intellectual & study skills of urban as well as rural students.

Our Publication House / Company provide a comprehensive range of professional services in the fields of Educational Content development and Advisory. We specialise in Educational Content writing, Educational Product design & development, helping clients to take advantage of Creative team from EduExcell Educational Services in their Educational Field and activities.

Through the professional expertise of our team, which comprises a team of qualified individuals with many years of experience in the Educational industry, we provide our clients with professional services based on their corporate and personal needs.

We strive to provide our clients with fresh ideas and innovative solutions which will ensure their success.

Our aim is to offer high-level professional services emphasising in quality of Content Development, Educational Product Design & Development, Market Research, Innovative work for Academic Publications and Professional Commitment.

We have also in the process to develop a network with trusted associates which guide and support us in addition to the above, in Network Building, Marketing, Projects and advisory services. In the upcoming academic year, we are on a track to publish syllabus-oriented textbooks and reference books specially crafted by academicians, researchers and professors of most well-renowned colleges for a host of fields such as Science Junior College (11th & 12th) (Maharashtra Board)......

For more information, please visit Current Plans in the section - About Us.

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