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Our Story - How & Why We Started?

 Like all students pursuing an Engineering Postgraduate Degree from renowned University, I, the founder of EduExcell Educational Services faced a lot of stress and trouble while my Higher studies, coaching classes, internship-project and college exams.

Even this struggle became more common for all students nowadays. But I don't want it should be a part of student life.

Again, when working as an automobile design engineer, with a renowned automotive industry, I realize, how the laws and concepts in/of physics are much important during the implementation of an idea for the development of any concept of mechanism, structure and machine. 

I realize when the impact or impression of any basic science on our mind is so strong, then it becomes habitual and easy to regain, recollect all necessary studies during a practising project in professional life.

The more actively you learn science in regional language or understanding it in the official state language, including taking handwritten notes, the more likely you are to remember information well in future.

With this aim and efforts, my journey began to discover something new which makes me the creator of “EduExcell”.

This journey of “EduExcell” clicked something great thought in my mind about-Importance of Study-Time, Study-Time Management & most valuable is the “Independent learning process”. Here realize that Independent learning is believed to play a key role in students' success in both academic and career life as it the most time-consuming element.

Many dedicated students are trying to execute & practise this learning concept in their studies to achieve in-depth & sound curriculum knowledge of science & technology.

However, they still have a limited understanding of concepts, theories, theorems, experiments and numerical while practising independent learning. Just because of the unavailability of proper & perfect study material.

As development of innovative & reliable study material has become the prior vision for me and my publishing house, now, suddenly I have found & felt the impressive-remarkable impact of language on the learning behaviour, learning process speed, understanding abilities, independent learning habits & grasping power of the learner (Student). I realize when the learner is habitual of gaining something in regional language or understanding in the official state language then and only then will independent learning take place. This independent learning habit will rise an initiative originating for the development of larger meaningful, creative thoughts and innovative thinking values in students' mind.

In other words, students are learning and understand quickly. Subsequently, develop a practice for What and how to study? What & How to think beyond the curriculum? How to deal with queries, applications & doubts in science and technology?

This is just because learning science in an official state language helps the students to understand more quickly and easily the facts, concepts, principles & techniques of scientific investigations in the field of science & technology.

Also, most Engineering students from different universities throughout Maharashtra, appreciate and admire this learning habit in official state language methods for science and technology subjects, as this method is the most promising and encouraging method for students which develop a natural ability of creative and innovative thinking.

Therefore, finally, in March 2017, we established EduExcel Educational Services with a vision to publish Detailed and Descriptive books for college students studying in Junior college and preparing for professional courses like Engineering, B.Tech.

In  March 2019, we at EduExcel Educational Services announced the first project for 12 science (Physics ) and the journey was continue to discover, does our developed educational products help students .to become an independent learner and does all the subject objectives are achieved with this independent learning skill.

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